Brilliance: The Orchid Show

There’s a really fantastic orchid show happening at the Chicago Botanic Gardens until March 22nd. If you can find the time to go and love indoor flower shows during the dreary winter months, by all means go.

They have a photographer’s hour in the early morning for a fee where you can bring your tripod. If you’re an early bird and don’t mind maneuvering around the flowers with a tripod then it may be worth it. Personally I just got their two ticket with parking special and did everything handheld. We were able to go in February the moment we knew about it and tickets were selling fast.

In the slideshow below are some highlights of beautiful orchids, bananas, and cacti (yes cacti) that you’ll find there. It offers quite refreshing ambience, orchid history and a delightful atmosphere of spring. My favorite pastime during winter. 😀

Now hurry up spring!


More shots on my Flickr.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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