C2E2 2020

Another year, another comicon. C2E2 wrapped up it’s three day expo this past Sunday. I was there for all three days and I’m still recovering from a sprained foot and general soreness from walking while hauling a heavy camera bag on my back.

I can say that C2E2 was bigger, denser and more expanded. The floor plan’s layout was better with areas of interest and activities but I was still overwhelmed with all the vendors. Found some gems and was tempted by others. Merchandise in general and food was overpriced.

Of course it would be now that C2E2 is drawing big name celebs such as William Shatner and Mark Ruffalo. I remember when C2E2 wasn’t so big and pricey back when I started going in 2012. Now it’s the place for serious cosplayers with huge follower counts to be seen and families to bring their kids wearing their fave superhero Halloween costumes.

The show this year was a month early too. Being that it’s usually a spring show, you had to deal with the chill. Sunday wasn’t so bad with temps in the 50s.

I believe I spent more on tshirts than I did at any of the cons before, but the selection was awesome. You could really find some very unique designs.

Here are some highlights. More cosplay and pics can be seen on my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr. Please make sure to give these a follow. Thanks for your support!

Until next year… ✌🏽

The place to get cool t-shirts.
Joaquin’s Joker with an Oscar.
Characters from the Midsommar thriller.
Consummate storyteller and forever Captain Kirk.

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