Starbucks Reserve Roastery Chicago

img_8542Nothing like a good cup of coffee and a cannoli.

That my friends can be found at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Chicago. Not wanting to stand in a long line freezing my butt off, I strategically waited for the opportune time to visit this mecca of javaness. I went on a weekday afternoon. No line, no waiting. I entered in and swooned at the sights and aromas. This place rocks!

The Moment I Walked In

You are greeted by a beautiful mural tribute to Chicago and baristas pumping out drinks at the to-go bar, and a warm fire.

The Food

Since there are 5 levels to this coffee mecca, you can get access to food and coffee easily.

First Level

The first level offers food and coffee to go along with a gift shop. You can warm yourself up by the fire as you gaze out into the Magnificent Mile. The candied orange and mini-chocolate chip cannoli is to die for.

Second Level

On the second level is the first round of seating. The Princi Bakery Cafe offers pizza, focaccia, salads, charcuterie boards,  pastries and drinks. I found a table quickly after I placing my order. They can text you when your order is ready for pick-up.

Third Level

The third level is where it gets even better. There’s more seating and you can sit at the Experiential Coffee Bar where you can experience Starbuck’s at it’s best. You can order the Origin Flight which is three Starbucks Reserve coffees served with truffles. Cold brews, Nitro Gelatos and tea infusions from 9 infusers. Plus the views are great!

The Curvaceous Escalator

A curving escalator takes you up through the levels. Once you get up to the upper levels, you have to take the stairs or elevator to get back to the first floor. There’s also more gift merchandise to purchase upstairs.

Fourth and Fifth Levels

The fourth level is the Barrel-Aged Coffee Bar and the Arriviamo Cocktail Bar. There are unique cocktails to choose from including a selection of beer and wine. I still haven’t sampled anything but I want to their Espresso Martini.

The fifth level is the rooftop space which is opened seasonally and for private events.


So pretty epic, eh? You’ve got to go if you are a coffee lover! Tea lovers can go too. Heck anybody should go because it’s epic.
More info about the Roastery can be found by clicking here.


Experiential Bar, 3rd floor

” A bad day with coffee is better than a good day without it.” -Unknown.

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