Battle of the Chicken Sandwiches: Part 2!

Yes that would be red beans & rice and cole slaw in the background!

Well here she is. Yes THAT sandwich. The sandwich that was sold out 2 weeks after it’s release making it the biggest food news story of the year. The sandwich that was the cause of violent incidents, fighting even a stabbing that resulted in a fatality.

Personally, I never rushed out to get this nor had any obsession over this sandwich. I just happen to be near a Popeye’s recently and wanted to just get some wings. I saw this on the menu and thought well here’s your opportunity to try this controversial sandwich and see what the big deal was.

So is it a big deal? I think it’s a big deal to people who really, really love the taste of Popeye’s chicken in general and tend to eat chicken a lot. When I think of the three other chicken sandwiches I reviewed in Part 1 of this battle, it’s really all about the taste of the chicken and whether you are a big chicken sandwich eater. Each franchise has it’s own special spices and flavorings. Eating this was basically eating a piece of Popeye’s chicken without the bone. The rest of the sandwich didn’t stand out unlike say the Chick-Fil-A sandwich where I usually add my liquid ambrosia sauceΒ  β€”the supremely tasty Honey Roasted BBQ sauceβ€” that compliments the chicken and makes eating it all the more divine.

This chicken sandwich is nothing to fight or kill over and I haven’t gone back to get another one. And if I do go back, I’ll be getting those wings I wanted instead. πŸ˜€

Of course, being a old-timer Chicagoan, I think Jewel has the best fried chicken anyway.

Happy Holidays!


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