Wonder Woman

Honestly, I didn’t want to do this movie review as Wonder Woman is very near and dear to my heart. I grew up on the Lynda Carter TV show. That was my childhood. Dressing up as her with a gold faux leather belt and donning on my mom’s boots. On one hand, I’m glad that we finally got a live-action movie yet I know she is so much more. So I’ll make this review brief.

The opening of the film takes us to the post-BvS events where Diana gets back the picture that Luthor had in possession. Her narration actually leaves me with many questions. Yes the world is a dark, evil place but why would she retreat a hundred years in seclusion when that same dark, evil world needs her and many others like her. She can’t get back to the island so what has she got to lose. Ah I guess that answer will be found in the upcoming WW 1984. I hope. It still doesn’t mesh with the whole timeline of films but then again DC doesn’t really do it like Marvel.


One thing about this movie is that I wanted to see more of paradise island. I didn’t want to leave it either. It also seemed to need magic. The landscape looks beautiful but I think the island needs the mysticalness, power and magic that comes from having the gods who created it surely would have provided.

Quotes from the movie:

  • To influence men’s hearts with love and restore peace to the Earth.
  • To hide us from the outside world so Aries could not find us.
  • We are a bridge to a greater understanding for all men.

Amazons are the bridge between the gods and mankind. To influence men’s hearts with love and restore peace to the Earth. Yet they were enslaved in man’s world. To hide us from the outside world so Aries could not find us. Zeus then put the Amazons on an island to protect them from Aries. But Zeus died. Then Aries gets killed at the end. So that leaves only Diana as a demi-god.

I guess I don’t know how much bridging they actually did. Sounds like not much.

So Aries didn’t like Zeus’s creation of man and he didn’t like the Amazons either. He sounds like a Satan character.

I have a problem with the gods being “killed off”. They are gods and technically you can’t kill a god because they’re a god. I guess the Greek gods are exempt from immortality.

For all the centuries of training, I felt sad so many died on the beach. They seemed woefully unprepared. So much for bullets and bracelets. The death of Antiope was unnecessary.

Wonder Woman’s origin stories have changed just as much as her powers have. I’m including links to the list of powers that she actually does have. She is quite a formidable superhero. Click here to check out Screenrant’s list.

See also DC’s Fandom Wiki. Click here.

We are a bridge to a greater understanding for all men.

I also miss Wonder Woman not being able to go back to Themyscira via the invisible plane. The Themyscirans also had an embassy set up in the patriarchal world to teach the Amazonian doctrines of peace. Wonder Woman will only be as good as the director’s vision. And being that Snyder had much to do with the screenplay and production, we get a rickety Greek sailing boat.

Yes I also miss the magical spin. Sigh.

Chris Pine

His performance was something that we’ve come to expect from Chris Pine. He’s actually an average guy definitely not above average, seriously. I’m surprised Diana didn’t crush him. I found that he kept standing in her way. She followed him around like a puppy dog and was so incredibly naive that it bordered on annoying. Imagine if Big Daddy was the man who landed on the island. He’d make for a better mentor in the patriarch’s world.

When Lynda Carter played Wonder Woman coming into man’s world, she was naive at first but that Athena wisdom kicked in real fast. Here we are waiting until Aries shows up before she figures it all out. It took the entire movie and a hundred years later actually for her to figure it all out. And a swift kick in the butt from Bruce for not doing much of anything to help.

I’m going to wrap it up here.

Good Stuff

  • Lasso: seeing the lasso in action, the glow, the truth-telling was great. They could have also had Trevor forget he was ever on the island.
  • Glasses: she should have had those on instead of having them crushed. They’re a part of her Diana Prince persona.
  • Ode to Clark Kent: the alley and revolving door scene giving us that twinning vibe from Donner’s Superman. Nice homage!
  • Hippolyta’s Amazonian iPad: do they sell those on Amazon?
  • Etta Candy: humor relief. Work IS slavery. I like her too.
  • Armchair Generals: yea I’m glad she got pissed off in that room. Most politicians are like that. Others go to war and die, not them.
  • No Man’s Land: only a woman could cross it.
  • First Experiences: snow and ice cream. Cute. An ode to comics.
  • The Aries Spiel: where the villain tries to sell the hero on the idea that they’re really just trying to make the world a better place so you should join them. It was her own realization moment similar to the one Kal-el had with General Zod in the field.

Pet Peeves

  • One Night Stand: there’s a scene where it’s alluded. Just not classy for Wonder Woman who happens to be a demigod and can crush Trevor. She crushed the stone wall with her fingers as she was climbing. Plus she only knew him for what 3 days?
  • London: no one had issue with a scantily clad woman carrying around a sword and shield? Yes, it is hideous. Jack the Ripper hideous.
  • Languages: some people think the accent is cute but trust me, if you know that many languages, you will also know accents. After a hundred years she would not sound quite like she did as when she left the island. In which case, I wish we heard some ancient Greek while on the island. Personally, I speak several. Maybe early on in my youth I had a slight accent being a multi-language speaker. I know someone said I did back then. Now not so much. If Wondy lived in Brooklyn for just 10 years, she’d be talking like a Brooklynite!
  • The Gods: it would have been nice to hear her say, “Athena give me wisdom.” Or “Great Hera!” She doesn’t mention the gods, pray or ask them for anything. Oh wait that’s because they’re all dead. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Her Sword: gets decimated by Aries. How did it show up again the BvS?
  • Nazis: did not exist in World War 1. I know they fashioned this movie like Captain America.
  • Hippolyta: I totally understand how she didn’t want to let her daughter go but couldn’t stop her destiny. Wonder Woman is in a way like some sacrificial lamb. The world doesn’t deserve her. That same sentiment got echoed by Martha in MOS for Supes.
  • At the End: Flying or High Jumping? Can’t tell. I hoping it was flying but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
  • Aries: “Then I will destroy you.” Ugh, please dude. He could have spoken with a Greek accent. You know for old times sake. Another one bites the dust…

So I wait with bated breath for the new movies coming out: Shazam, WW 1984, Flash. I don’t care much for the DC TV-verse. I lost interest in Supergirl I think after Kara-mel.

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