So what’s been happening with my squirrel friends?

I have a regular visitor who has been my garden chum this fall & winter.

I present to you Matso.

Here’s Matso getting all wiggly as I coax him down with a peanut.


Here’s Matso saving peanuts for snacking later on.
Look at that paw action!

Here’s Matso showing his love of fast food namely french fries.


Live training video!
Here’s Matso¬†as I communicate to him in squirrel-speak. He then proceeds to hide them in my neighbor’s yard.

Matso leaving his bread slice in the strawberry pot.


And finally Matso likes egg rolls, pizza and boston cream donuts.
Those pics I have yet to take!
I did witness him dragging a pizza slice across the fence.

Until next time.





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