Garden of the Gods – part 3

The end of summer…

Days are growing shorter. Each day the minute goes backwards pretty soon we’ll be seeing the sun set at 4:00pm. How dreadful!

I’m still harvesting tomatoes. I’m now canning tomatoes and peppers. The garden still keeps on giving. The Gladiator tomato variety that I planted from seed, just produced such amazingly huge and meaty fruit. They made for excellent sauces! The other tomato surprise from seeds was the Tangerine Dream tomato. They seemed to struggle at first but produced firm, large fruit, surpassing even the yellow ones in flavor and size.

Looking back at the season, it’s amazing to see that some neighbors just didn’t care for fresh organic produce. I did giveaway 10 bags. Next year I’m hoping to participate in a farmers market but that might be more of a hassle than it’s worth.

On the wildlife front…

Pigeons have arrived thanks to the cleanup at the train station which has forced much of the pigeon population to seek refuge in the neighborhoods. One house has it really bad. Mine has a pair that I can’t seem to get rid of.

And the arrival of a feral cat that has been hunting the birds. Get the mice and rats please!

Also I’ve made headway with the squirrels aka Chitown Rodent Gang. I’ve trained one of them to come to me, little Suzi and now Tony has caught on. They haven’t attacked any sunflowers, although one mammoth had mysteriously fell. It’s fine, they and the birds can have them! Oh speaking of birds, canaries have been spotted. They’ve been enjoying the sunflower seeds too.

Butterfly visitors!

I started a Facebook page for Sam’s Produce Chicago (dedicated and named after my dad). Most of the images you see here are on that page. I don’t know what’s in-store for me and the garden next year, but I hope to expand in a different way. Check it out here at this link and give it a like and follow! Thanks for your support. 🙂

Ciao for now!

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