C2E2 2018

Comicon, Chicago 2018The yearly pilgrimage to the best comics, celebs and cosplayer gathering is happening now. Every April, three days of fun for the comic lover at heart can be found at the McCormick Convention Center in Bronzeville along with sunny but brisk spring weather.

Penguin aka Oswald CobblepotPopular Cosplay this year are characters from Gotham!

This year’s guests are Brandon Routh (The Legends of Marvel; Superman Returns) and Mark Sheppard (Supernatural), Charlie Cox (Daredevil) and Svengoolie just to name a few. The main floor hosts vendors selling everything from vintage comics, paintings, dolls, plushies, IDs of your fave superhero’s (my personal fave), Wonder Woman hair clips (got those too!) to rainbow anime wigs (yep😬). And don’t forget to check out the Artist’s Alley. Tickets are going fast. Hint: try to get yours early for next year before the mail-in deadline. They’re cheaper and get sent to you versus you picking them up and paying $10 more. ✌🏽

Hope to see you there and if you’re cosplaying, I’ll probably take your picture!

~ 💜 Photoschmoto

To see more of C2E2, head on over to my Flickr page.

Spidey Action

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