Another 20 Days!

See, we have survived.

What a strange, new world we are in now. Actually doesn’t feel any different except for no more campaign commercials. Whew!

You’re either feeling brave or afraid. Perfectly normal! Just go with the flow.
That’s what I’m doing. Because I do feel both brave and afraid and that’s o.k.

Now onto some holiday images that’ll bring you cheer.

The weekend started with the lighting of the tree in Millennium Park on Friday, followed by the CTA Holiday Train, Elves’ Workshop Train and Holiday Bus starting it’s 25th year of service. More info here at

CTA Holiday Train 2016

The CTA Holiday Train was packed but we did catch Santa! Maybe next time we’ll be able to hop onboard but it was sweet to see.

See Santa? And some dude with glasses!

The Mag Mile Festival of Lights from this past weekend was overly-crowded. If you didn’t get there early, you were out in the periphery. Luckily I was able to get some shots with my Nikon P900 even in low light. This is from the Trump Tower looking out at the parade as it came across the bridge on Michigan Avenue. About 0.4 miles?This camera has an awesome zoom.

Mag Mile Fest 2016

The fireworks display was well worth the trip down even with the crowds and chilly weather. The full video is on my YouTube channel.


Happy Turkey Day!


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