21 Days?

Sounds like I went on some kind of blogger’s fast.

Can’t blame me.

I work a job that literally drains the life energy out of me.

There are some tidbits of note I can share.

Let It Go!

Story of My Makeup Life ©2016 photoschmoto/thelipstickduchess

I’m in the process of cleaning out of my life and LETTING GO! Just like that damn song.

So hard but needed.

What you’re seeing is years of accumulated makeup packaging. That word “packaging” is what makeup enthusiasts usually fall for. It was good to get rid of this. My neighbor thought I was having a yard sale.

Always Thai!

Panang Curry with Chicken. ©2016 photoschmoto

And here’s probably the best tasting Panang Curry in the city.

I get mine at Always Thai on Irving. They’re very busy on Saturdays, FYI.

It’s been so long since I had Thai food in general.

I Miss Summer!

Even though we’ve had some warm days in October, I miss summer and roadtripping. I am looking forward to winter however, there are just too many creepy crawling things that NEED TO DIE!

Look at that. Beautiful streaming, falling and splashing water.

Crown Fountain. ©2016 photoschmoto

If we survive this crazy time in history, I’ll be back with more schtuff.

See you soon beotches!

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