Pure Michigan – Part 3

As usual, I manage to take too many photos. It takes a while for me to work through them!

Here are some gems from our road trip back to Chicago. We took the scenic Route 31 which I recommend to anyone traveling to Northern Michigan. It’s a very beautiful ride especially on a sunny day. You get a good sense of the beauty of that area.

Straits of Mackinac Bridge

Look at all that blue!

We did not get the chance to travel across this bridge however it’s in the plan for next time. Our goal is to make it to the peninsula, being that now I’m an official Milky Way Chaser. The bridge looks just as majestic in the daytime as it does at night when the lights off the bridge illuminate it’s length.

Mackinaw City

This city has the coolest Starbucks. It’s a two-story log cabin and they make really good drinks. I noticed no bitter aftertaste that I usually get in the Chi. A bit bias there perhaps? No seriously there was a difference. Other than that, this harbor town has gorgeous views of the Straits, Lake Huron and Mackinac Island and plenty of fresh air. We visited the Mackinaw Crossings mall and main street. There were numerous fudge shops and a haunted house attraction.


We got our first impressions of Petoskey when we drove through it during a thunderstorm. The town sits right along the waters so you could see the vast expanse of sky and water as the clouds were rolling in. Add to that the charm of the buildings, main street and winding roads made it all the more a visual feast for the eyes. Petoskey is a perfect balance of a harbor town with all the conveniences of urban life. When we travelled back during the day, we stopped to enjoy the scenery. In the picture below, I spotted a drone flying about in the lower level of the park and beach. Other than that, it was just breathtaking.

Petoskey: Gorgeous views!

Friske Farms

Coming down Route 31, there is a charming must-visit farm, orchard and store filled with a variety of freshly harvested fruits, homemade pies and everything else in between. I picked up a bag of Jersey Mac apples and some delicious yellow plums. 

Jersey Mac: organic and all gone.


Manistee is quintessentially good ol’ Main Street USA. It has a charm all it’s own. The reason for our visit was to find the Steak ‘n Egger that a friend told me was there. Sadly, we couldn’t find it although the map said there was one in Muskegon. I was reassured that it is actually there on Route 31 in Manistee (saw a pic), so the goal is to visit on the next trip. In case, you didn’t know it’s a great although somewhat shady diner in Chicago’s Pilsen. They have really good steak and eggs on the cheap.

Vogue movie theater? We’ll be back!

There are more pics on my Instagram and Flickr with more on the way. So make sure to follow if you love Michigan. It’s really one of my favorite states to visit. Thanks for stopping by!

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