Black Moon Manor

I had visited this location back in 2012 when it exploded onto the paranormal map. It was the place to investigate. Located in Greenfield, Indiana, it was an old dilapidated house belonging to the Eastes family for 200 years and in its history was rumored to be used as a small pox hospital for townsfolk. The rumors talked about 200 people dying there because of the epidemic but there was never any records in the county office. It has long since been demolished due to controversy and fraud and when I had last visited some time ago, it was transformed into a nice expansive, flat green field.

©2012 photoschmoto

The controversy to this place comes from the person who rented the house from the Eastes family. Matt Speck decided to make himself a profit by turning the place into a haunted attraction but that didn’t work because of issues. Mr. Speck said he would utilize the property for storage and maintain it in order to prevent break-ins, etc. However he opened it up to paranormal investigations but made up a lot of the stories and from what I gathered didn’t get permission from the owner until after the fact. Black Moon Manor wound up getting major press and even had Zac and crew come out to investigate on an episode of Ghost Adventures.  The Eastes wound up putting the kibbosh to the nonsense and scamming and had it demolished.

©2012 photoschmoto

Now I can tell you what happened to me while doing an overnight ghosthunt there. It was memorable in just the one instant to which I have no explanation for. I had to go digging up for the photos but the ones I have included in this post show the obvious creepiness of the place. For me, Black Moon Manor was haunted.

©2012 photoschmoto

The unexplained phenomena was the audibly clear heavy footsteps that were coming from the second floor. I was with a team of investigators and we were all downstairs together in the nursery when we heard the footfalls. No one was upstairs and we had even set up cameras upstairs and downstairs. No evidence of anyone being on the second floor showed up on camera. I do believe I still may have the audio from my personal evp recording but I would have to go digging and update this post.

There was nothing else that happened that night. It was relatively calm for the rest of the night. There was an odd room upstairs that had a rocking horse that was reported to able to move by itself. However it did not. In the same room where the rocking horse was occupied, there was a small hole in the wall that led to the attic—originally part of the haunted attraction—where you were dared to go crawl in. It actually appeared dangerous for someone to go in there and at that time it was decided that no attempt would be made. There was also a well that someone was reported to have died in and many stories of death and “hot spots” none of which proved itself to be true during the investigation.

The Rocking Horse – that never moved. ©2012 photochmoto

Again the only moment for me that was memorable were the footsteps. Was it rigged? Was it a recording? One might never find out the truth in this case but there’s too much evidence out there to discount that hauntings aren’t real.

It’s a story that I’ll share whenever somebody asks me and which is why I decided to write about it. Other than that, I’m glad to have had the opportunity to visit this location.

Haunted House/Halloween Decor ©2016 photoschmoto


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